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Universal Breakfast Comes to GMS


The State of Maryland is starting a new program providing all students in schools with a breakfast.


When does this start at GMS?

May 1, 2014.


Will this change the school schedule at all?

No. No change to buses or schedule. Students will eat during announcements.


What time?

Breakfast will be provided between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM every morning in period one classrooms.



It's a state program called Maryland Meals for Achievement (MMFA). No costs are borne by the school, the county, or the PTA.



ALL students. This is not based on need, eligibility, or Wii playing expertise. All GMS students receive breakfast.


What about adults?

No, sorry, only GMS students. I love breakfast too, but we adults can't have any.


What are they being given to eat?

Students choose milk or juice (or both) to drink. They also get a Main Item. Main item examples are: Whole Grain Pancakes, Whole Grain Cinnamon Bagel Stick, Whole Grain Breakfast Wrap, Whole Grain Cinnamon Roll. Fruit will be available as well (canned or fresh).


What about seconds!?

Sorry, students cannot take seconds.


Where can I read more about this state-sponsored program?


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