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GMS Pool - Background

The GMS indoor pool is shared by MCPS/GMS and the City of Gaithersburg. MCPS owns it from 8a-3pm Monday -Friday, the City of Gaithersburg has it the remaining time.

MCPS pays to keep the pool running and heated all year, as well as for the lighting outside and around the pool's outside entrance, yet our MCPS students cannot use it because GMS can't afford to pay number of the lifeguards that MCPS requires. 

It would cost GMS $20,000 per year to pay for the required lifeguards from12-3pm Monday-Friday.

MCPS expects Gaithersburg Middle School to pay for the lifeguards.

We are asking the Board of Education to help us fund the lifeguards so that the pool can be used and swimming can be part of the GMS Physical Education curriculum.

  • We have met with members of the Board of Education on this subject. 

  • We have had GMS students write letters to the BOE on this subject. 

  • Now the MCPS Board of Education needs to hear from GMS Parents. 

Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

As we work with the Board of Education, we are learning that "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" meaning that schools that have the most voices contacting the BOE, seem to get more attention and support from the BOE.

It is Gaithersburg Middle School's turn to get funding and support! Let's get this pool opened for our students next year!

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