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GiveGMS Business Partner Program 2021-22


First, a big THANK YOU for being part of the "GMS Fundraising Team" and help us to raise money from local businesses through the GiveGMS Business Partner Program (GiveGMS BPP). Our goal this year is aggressive - to raise $5,000 - our highest goal yet for the GiveGMS campaign.  In order to meet this goal, we really need to tap into the local business community. This page is designed to give you the materials you need to go out and get support from businesses and to keep track of our efforts. Again, thank you and let's raise some money!


  1. Select an area you want to focus on and identify the businesses you want to approach. Areas include: Olde Town Gaithersburg, Lakeforest area, Route 124, Midcounty-Warfield area, Goshen Road area, Gaithersburg (near Dogfish Brewery, Einstein Bagels, Bowl America.  Enter your businesses you plan to contact in the GiveGMS BPP Tracking Form.

  2. Access the materials you need to contact your businesses.

  3. As you make contact with businesses, please go back into the tracking form and enter in your contributions received, promised, or notes from your contact (follow up later, no, need to go through corporate etc). 


GiveGMS BPP letter.

Talking Points.

GiveGMS BPP webpage.


I will ensure that businesses receive a thank you donation letter and that all terms of their sponsorship level are fulfilled.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 240-565-2220.





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